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Man with Mustache

[A collaborative Hip-Hop cypher celebrated in the TonalMuse metaverse.]


This event aims to showcase the longest possible Web3 hip-hop cypher in the TonalMuse metaverse over a whole week. 

Featuring a diverse range of producers, rappers, poets & lyricists - our aim is to put on a collaborative cypher that creates
a lasting impact as an iconic moment for hip-hop culture on Web3 & all the artists/communities involved. 

We're pushing to get as many 32bar verses from artists - laid across 12 x looping 32bar/92bpm beats.
• Communal launch an NFT collection with each of the artists/produvers verses minted on Etherium.

• A 1/1 NFT could be created for charity with contribution from all artists involved in the event.

What next?  Rappers, poets & lyricist who want to hop on metaVerses cypher - please follow these steps:

Step 1: Listen to the 12 beats below & live with them - decide on the beat to lay your verses on.

Step 2: Select your preferred beat on the form below, type in your twitter handle & click 'Send'.
Step 3: @TonalMuse will send you the beat/file via Twitter DM so follow us or enable DMs for this.
Step 4: Submit your 32 bar verse (with & without the beat) to when you are ready.

  [There is a maximum of 5 artists per beat - which will be secured on a first come first SUBMIT basis.]




Beat #1
Beat #2
Beat #3
Beat #4
Beat #5
Beat #6
Beat #7
Beat #8
Beat #9
Beat #10

/ Your Pick

Thanks for submitting!
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