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Majority of current NFT's use smart contracts linked to the unique artwork, usually stored on an external hosting service - be it centralised or decentralised.

The term 'On-Chain' in reference to NFTs means that the artwork exsits as a set of re-constructive code within the smart contract itself, independent of requiring assets to be hosted by external services.

On-Chain NFT's live completely and eternally on the blockchain, for as long as a functioning version of the internet & the chain itself exists.

Tonal Muse OnChain is the 1st ever set of 3,333 musical instrument PFPs fully on-chain on Ethereum, stored in-chain not requiring any external asset hosting.

We are donating 7% revenue from the mint to MMAD - Musicians Making A Difference [ ]


Being the follow up to our Tonal Muse 'OG' collection - also the 1st 270 piece off-musical instrument PFP collection on Ethereum (off-chain) - all 3,333 NFT's in TonalMuse OnChain collection will serve as 1st access pass to our public and gated metaverse events in our native experiential metaTheatre, audio/visual digital art capsules & physicals drop (native or artist colabs).


Duck Chaos in Home Abstract

• Accordion
• Acoustic Guitar

• Bagpipe

• Bass Guitar

• Boombox
• Cassette
• Cello

• Drum Kit

• Electric Guitar

• Gramophone

• Grand Piano

• Jazz Flute
• Marching Drum

• Mic

• Record/Vinyl

• Sampler

• Synth

• Tirangle

• Trumpet

• Ukulele

• Upright Piano

• Violin




NFT collections as we know them mint out with every piece being unique 1/1s.
Life however isn't that simple, ever wondered if you have a DOPPELGANGER?


Although the metadata won't point to this, visually we have a trait programmed

to force override & create its own on chain doppelgangers [OCD].

OCD holder priviledges to be revealed post mint out.

Zebra Pattern Painting
Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10.28.55 am.jpg

PROJECT BY • OneOfUs.Studio



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